Katie the house wife

It was only this morning I realised that I’m turning in to a house wife freak. Don’t get me wrong, some women are born to clean, wash, cook etc, but I was certainly not put on the earth to make tea for the decorator (who’s painting our new kitchen) or wash my dad’s underwear (yes i did do this.)

So, my parents decided to gallivant off to a luxury island in Greece, whilst I was left to slave away at Sainsbury’s during the day and transform in to the house wife at night… for a whole TWO weeks.

I watched the window cleaner today clean the windows- really badly. I even checked for dirt, after he performed his trade- what is happening to me!

Well anyway, the hoover, washing machine, hose and oven will certainly not be in much use by me, as soon as my mother enters back in to the Doyle household on Friday afternoon.
I do do my bit around the house, but two weeks of this cleaning business is too much for me.

I’ll just do the just thing and hire a cleaner when I’m old enough to own my own house. It must be someone that under no circumstances hums or sings- Or I could just invest in a husband/slave to clean and cook away whilst I go out and earn millions of pounds….. we can dream!

In the meantime, I’m off to the pub. CHEERS!


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