Katie’s Back!

It’s been a fair while, since i last entered the blogging world, but I’m back with a brand new blog which i will constantly update with lots of interesting topics,gossip and anything that’s worth blogging about!

I’d firstly like to say i CAN’T believe, i’m about to step in to my third and final year at university. Absolutely crazy.

It feels like only the other day we were awaiting our A-Level results, gosh I was nervous. In fact, I was on holiday in Cyprus and had to wait an extra 60 minutes (due to the annoying time difference) to find out from UCAS whether I was lucky enough to gain a place at UCLan. I even had to wait an other 20 minutes for the guy in the internet cafe, on the only working computer to finish (and lose) his game at checkers. I was so close to saying something, such as ‘This is probably the most important moment of my life’ or ‘give up and get out!’ but I sadly hadn’t polished my Greek for that day. Shame.

So I got in. Did better than I expected with ABB and even aced my Religious Studies A Level with 100% in the exam. Life was very good that day.

This Thursday, 1000’s of 18 year old youngsters will be in the same, nervewracking position awaiting those all important results.

My advice… Carry some extra underwear. Oh.. and good luck.


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