1. Do students only live on packet noodles?

This is your first answer to a string of questions that plenty of you will know the answer too, but newbie students will be oblivious to!


THE STUDENT DIET… well it may not be as healthy as your mum’s cooking. 5 a day is a definite no no, unless you have a huge student loan which you’re willing to spend on fruit and vegetables.

Us students prioritise alcohol, especially in fresher’s year. Lets take a scenario.. Would you rather
a) Spend your weekly £20 spending money on organic, fresh food
b) buy as much alcohol as you can and throw in a few dairylea dunkers and pot noodles.

Now I’m a third year, I would probably go for option A, but overall students would definitely opt for B. Alcohol over food (Please don’t tell your mum this otherwise you will not be left alone!)

In reality, yes students don’t have the best diets and we are on a tight budget, but this doesn’t stop us from buying tasty food that doesn’t involve microwaving.
When I first moved in to halls, I remember buying Sainsbury’s basics dried noodles, at least five packs. Everyone had told me that it would be a life saver during uni. I tasted the first pack and it was flavourless.
Moving out of halls at the end of first year, I found four packs of unopened noodles. I didn’t touch them all year.

It does also depend how lazy you are. I knew one girl who’s mum cooked lots of dishes before she went to uni and then put them in special plastic containers, labelled them all and put them in her uni freezer. Sweet… but not cool.

I’ve never been the best cook, but at Uni you just need to try out things and see what works. In second year I have definitely cooked a lot more and taken care with what i ate.

Takeaways and meals out are the worst. They sound so cheap, but after three a week that’s quite a few pennies (and calories) you’ve clocked up.

My advice…
Grab a cookbook (for beginners)
Ditch the packet noodles
Cook with your flat/house mates to keep down the costs and make it easier

There’s plenty of small shops (such as the SU shop- essentials) and supermarkets where you can buy anything you want, and reasonably cheap too.

Your diet is really important, especially with the crazy sleeping pattern us students have. If you eat rubbish, your skin will be bad, we tend to put on weight and you won’t be smelling too sexy either.

PLEASE, make the most of ma’s cooking before September. Those women are a godsend and you will definitely miss their constant cooking.


One thought on “1. Do students only live on packet noodles?

  1. I honestly think the noodles are so yummy, the trick is to add a little flora after getting rid of the water. I will be bring a ton when I start in Septmeber 🙂

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