2. Work hard, play hard

Sometimes people think they don’t like something and give up straight away. Last year I had a friend who didn’t even last till the end of Freshers, but even he admitted that he knew university wasn’t right for him.

In first year, your course doesn’t kick off properly until the end of September. In Freshers, you will probably find that you’re invited to inductions for your course throughout the week. They are a great way to meet people you will be sharing your course with for the next three years (even if you are hanging from the night before.)

This picture shows some of the fresh meat Journalists back in Sep 2008, after having a bit of a course induction (just before we headed to the pub 😉

First year is known as the freshers year and it is vital to have a good balance with socialising and work.
The first few weeks you will be out and about all the time, meeting new people, getting your bearings in Preston and realising how much alcohol you can actually take before chucking up…

40% is needed in order to pass first year and these marks don’t actually go towards anything, apart from getting you through to second year. It is, nevertheless important you do well, as it is your chosen degree after all and you don’t want to be redoing first year all over again.

WORK HARD PLAY HARD should definately be your moto for the first year. If you’re currently going in to your second or third year, the moto will slightly change.. work harder, play (nearly as) hard.

University life is brilliant, and it’s important not to miss out on things, espically in the first few weeks. (you are a fresher after all.)

Just be careful not to miss every Thursday Morning lecture after a crazy drunken night at lava nightclub, otherwise you will be called in and moaned at.



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