3. How about the kitchen sink?

The past two years of moving back in to uni has been a nightmare.
I own far too much stuff, mainly clutter, and my dad’s car has been full to the brim as we’ve set off. Last September I even had to leave my mum at home so I could have more precious space for my belongings!

I’m definitely going to be ruthless with what I take back to uni when I move in to my house in a couple of weeks. I always end up bringing far too many clothes- half of them I don’t even wear, too much random things that I never use and I’m really bad at packing it all up in to one car.

So I have compiled 10 TIPS on how to pack a car/what to get rid of before heading to uni 🙂

1. If you’re like me where you’re living with five girls this year, then rather than having one wardrobe, you’re actually sharing 6. Therefore don’t overdo it with the amount of clothes you bring. I go along the policy of… if you haven’t worn something for 6 months (apart from things you only wear for certain seasons) then bin it or give to charity.

2. Rent a car. No, seriously. Moving in at Fresher’s in my first year, I had far too much stuff. Freshers always seem to bring everything they have ever owned. We rented a slightly bigger car with a larger boot that just about squeezed all my things in. We only rented it for the day and it didn’t cost that much.

3. Pack for the seasons. This year I’m going to pack things that I will use straight away in the first few weeks of uni. Most students go home at some point in their first term, or are visited by parents, so why not leave things at home you know you won’t be using for the first couple of months. E.g. winter clothing such as coats, boots, blankets, game consoles etc.
The first few weeks are so hectic, there’s no point bringing tonnes of stuff up.

4. Dustbin bags are a definite must when packing up your bits and pieces. Too many boxes in a car will end up taking up too much space. Obviously for fragile bits and bobs and other important things, boxes are essential, but try and use dustbin bags for softer things such as clothes, bags, bedding etc. Doing it this way doesn’t use up as much space and dustbin bags are easy to squash down in to smaller sizes. (Just don’t tell your mum all your clothes will be creased by the time you get to uni)

5. Do a food shop when you first get to uni. Rather than going round your local supermarket before you leave, why not head over to Sainsbury’s once you’ve unloaded everything in your flat/house. This way your parents are still there to pay (cheeky!) and it’s one less thing to pack in to the car.

6. Lose family members. I know it’s an emotional time when we head off to uni and leave the family behind. But take the bare minimum people in the car, because they will probably get in the way and take up important space in the car. SO maybe see goodbye to the dog, gran and sister before you head off for uni.

7. Pack important things somewhere you will remember. The first few days of fresher’s are so hectic, and you don’t want to be stuck in your room unpacking all your things when you could be out making friends and having a few beverages. Therefore label a couple of boxes with things you will need in the first few days, and then unpack the rest at a later point, once you’ve settled in.

8. Wait until you get to uni to buy the more expensive things with your flat mates. Rather than having 5 kettles and toasters, it’s better to wait until you get to uni to buy communal items. It works out a lot cheaper and makes sense really. Plates, cutlery and cooking utensils are up to you. I prefer having my own set of everything, but everyone uses each others, so keep an eye out in case things go missing.

9. Buy a TV licence. If you are bringing a TV in to your accommodation, you will need a TV licence. It doesn’t matter if other people you’re living with has one, you need one to cover your television. Lots of people take the risk of going to uni without one, and a lot of people get away with it, but with fines of other £1000, I wouldn’t want to take that risk and would rather pay for my yearly licence then have to pay that off as a student.

10. Don’t get stressed when packing. Be ruthless but have fun. Packing for uni means it’s getting nearer and nearer to moving back and all the fresher’s shenanigans. Relax 😉


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