The time has come. FRESHERS.


I’ve enrolled, everything’s packed up and I’m just waiting for my mum to return with some petrol in the car and then I’m off. Third year begins.
I have mixed emotions right now. I have had quite a busy few weeks as I have just returned from holiday in Greece, so have had to have a quick change of in to uni mode. My dad had an accident but is now out of hospital and on crutches, so he’s hopping around the place, but today is the day i move in to my new house.

So what happens in Freshers? What am i meant to do? Where do I go?

Firstly I will give you the low down on some things that are happening through Fresher’s fortnight. You can also find all this information on the UCLan Fresher’s facebook page.

Sat 11 (today) – First moving in day. wear something nice to impress your housemates and definately smell good. Today is pretty hectic. Saying bye to the parentals, meeting people for the first time with the idea to go out and get ‘pickled.’ Source (student bar) and 53 degrees are the places to go tonight.

Sunday 12- The second day of moving in to halls. Tonight is the official start of Fresher’s with ‘The Opener at 53 degrees.

Monday- Everyone’s Here, let’s partaaaY 🙂 53 degrees are holding events this week but my favourite for tonight is squires nightclub. It’s one of Preston’s best clubs but make sure you get there early.

Tue- Best night of Freshers. Skoolies at 53 degrees. whip your school uniform out and get drinking. A great way to make new friends in the club’s double toilet cubicles.

Wed- LAVA time. My favourite club in Preston. Why not head to Assembely first, sponsored by YBD, where drinks are only 75p up till midnight and you can buy your queue jump tickets for lava here. (you can also do this for monday night.)

Thursday– First promo of the year. At 53 degrees. Promo is the student union’s night out at the week. cheap drinks and great music.

Friday- Check what’s happening on the fresher’s page, but this might be a good day to stay in with your new flat/house mates and get to know each other on sober terms.

Saturday- Fresher’s Ball with Scott Mills. If you fancy a fun night with posh attire head over to 53 degrees but make sure you buy tickets asap.

Sunday onwards… It’s up to you really. You’ve been here for a week by now so it’s time to go solo and see what Preston offers.

For times and prices, log on to the facebook groups. Also, bare in mind that fresher’s week is VERY busy, so make sure you turn up early to the clubs if you want to get in, otherwise you may be turned away.  You can also buy 53 degree tickets from the student union reception in the SU before hand.!/event.php?eid=157180660961182&ref=ts!/group.php?gid=213897947913&ref=ts

PLEASE, make the most of freshers. I am SO SO excited. I can’t believe it’s moving day in to a new house. I’m living with five crazy girls and my final year is going to be a blast.
Skoolies is my favourite night of fresher’s and a great way to catch up with everyone. Although this is how i turned out last year… 😉


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