FRESHER’S FLU (& other fresher illnesses)

I made it to uni wooooo and our house is nearly fully moved in. one more person to go.
My car was rather packed and I forgot that I actually had to sit in the car, so my bean bag was left behind, as i would have been rather squashed for the four hour journey!

FRESHER’s FLUhow to avoid the dreaded lurgy

Fresher’s Flu is hard to avoid. Think of all the millions of germs you’re collecting from your new friends, environment and partners ūüėČ
Fever, shivering, headaches, coughing and sneezing are just some of the symptoms that comes with a freshers flu.
Don’t worry, it’s not life threatening and is very common to us university students. But with late nights, junk food and lots of alcohol, our bodies may start to weaken.
Some people feel they need a Fresher’s flu to make the first few weeks at uni complete.

So how can we avoid this Fresher’s Flu?
keep hydrated, drink lots of water and calm down on the alcohol
Take some paracetamol if you start to feel the symptoms, the faster you react, the less likely the flu attacks you
Р Rest, sleep, chill out. Wearing yourself out likens the chance of FF
– Put your¬†tongue¬†away… if you’re feeling the symptoms, don’t spread it round UCLan, I know what you freshers are like
– And if you do get worried or concerned, head down to the uni doctors for reassurance and advice


It’s not exactly an illness, but one of the worst feelings is waking up to feel absolutely rubbish. My best advice is to drink water before you go bed. It might not be on the top of your list of things to do when you stagger home after a night out on the town, but water hydrates your body and is great if you’ve had a cheeky takeaway after a heavy night (with a hell of a lot of salt.)

I’m not trying to scare you, but menigitis is often picked up by students at university (students are the second highest risk group to catch it). Meningitis is an inflammation of membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.
Meningitis is spread through person to person, so things like sharing a glass or coughing near someone can lead to picking up the infection, therefore personal hygiene is essential.
The main symptoms are headaches, fevers, rashes and drowsiness, but these can take a while to show up, so if any you have doubts, head to the doctor and you can get on some antibiotics.

STI’s (sexually transmitted diseases)
This is a pretty simple one to explain.
Basically, if you’re having any kind of sexual activity, wear a condom every time to minimise your risk of infection, otherwise you can catch all sorts. NO ONE wants crabs in their private parts!
You can head down to your uni doctors for condoms and STI advice. Many doctors also offer free tests for chlamydia and other sexual infections.

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This was me and my girlies last night for skoolies freshers.


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