I wonder who got fired for this…

Yes, on live television, the wrong name was mentioned on Australia’s Next Top Model.
If that was me who’s name was read out by accident, I would obviously be really peeved off, but Kelsey Martinovich was given £12,000 and a trip to New York by the very sorry bosses of the show. Lovely!
Which is quite funny really, because the actual winner- Amanda Ware might have won the prestigious show and a modelling contract, but her prize money was only £3,ooo more!

The ANTM Judge, who is actually married to Ruper Murdoch’s son, says she still cant bare to watch the footage back as the feeling makes her feel physically sick.

She said that their her earpiece which was linked to the judging panel had a bad interference at the time of the reveal, so no one on set actually had a clue she had presented the wrong name apart from the people behind the scenes!

Mistakes happen I suppose, but if Mr Murdoch or the creator’s of ANTM are reading this (which I’m fairly confident they are), then why not get rid of the useless host who made one of the biggest television blunders in recent years, and give it to me instead. I promise i’ll be good!


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