It’s time for….


(BBC Photograph)

It’s been a whole 18 months since we last clapped eyes on the likes of Pant’s man and the departure of Margaret! But fear not, tomorrow-Wednesday 6th October  is the launch of series 6. Catch up with the latest series at 9pm on BBC1. 

With 16 fresh candidates ageing from 21 to 24, the team made of eight men and eight woman, are ready to start working towards Sir Alan’s new Apprentice. Stuart Baggs is the youngest ever contestant on The Apprentice, as he is only 21, but sees the competition as a great challenge. 

For all the girls out there, I can’t spot any eye candy this year. Guys always look somewhat dapper in a suit, but until we get to know the different characters, we will have to keep quite reserved in the sex appeal department. 

The first episode of series 6, involves Sir Alan Sugar setting a task of manufacturing and selling a range of sausages. 

So, if you want to find out a lot more about this year’s candidates fighting for that six figure salary, tune in tomorrow at 9pm! 

You can also follow The Apprentice at @bbcapprentice. DO IT. 

All you need is… a big telly, a quiet room and a few cheeky snacks for the 60 minutes you’ve been waiting for, in the last 18 months. AHH!


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