Does money grow on trees?


For us Students, money is rather important. It pays for everything. Your house, food, alcoholic beverages. God, money is good.

Just imagine…
You plant an averagely, normal tree. Nothing too special about it. In fact, your gran gave it to you for your birthday, along with a pair of socks, and your mum has forced you to plant it to make your gran happy.
You forget to water it half the time, the back garden doesn’t see much sun as you placed it in quite a dark little crevice, but never mind.
So anyway, the tree grows bigger and bigger. The leaves grow in the spring and fall off in the autumn.  One day, you decide to kick a ball about in the garden, but you kick it to the hard and BAM, it hits your tree. But wait a minute, what just happened? Money? In the flower bed? Oh no wait. I’ve just gained myself a money tree. A refillable tree that grows money.

I promise I’m not going crazy. Bit of imagination doesn’t hurt surely?

Bringing you back to reality, no, money doesn’t grow on trees, but it’s nice to dream.
If I had a money tree, I would definitely be driving around in a shiny, sexy car, with a choice of lots of pairs of ray bans, a stock of ugg boots and as much lucozade I can drink. And I won’t need friends; I can rent them, with my money!
Too far, too far.

But here are some top tips for students on how to gain money or save some!

1. Part time job- it might not be to everyone’s taste. In fact, this is my third year at UCLan and I’ve never had a job. But it’s always an option if money is low.
2.  Put your hand down couches. It might sound a little strange (to say the least), but I’ve found a fair few coins in my time from sliding my hand down my friend’s furniture.
3. Cut down on going out. I know, it’s boring, but you can save so much money by only going out once a week. You might enjoy it more too.
4. Overdrafts- for some people they’re brilliant. My friend Chloe lives in her overdraft, but is sensible that when she’s at home in the holidays, she makes sure she digs herself out of it. If you’re like Chloe, and reasonably good with your money, an overdraft might be an idea, just to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. But remember, it’s not your money and you will have to pay it back.
5. Share food with your house mates. Milk, bread, pasta. Why do you need to buy 6 of everything, especially if money’s tight.



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