How 2 Be…

For the last two years, I have been very lucky to work for PR1 magazine, UCLan’s fantastically brilliant weekly/monthly mag.
As section editor for ‘The List’- also known as the random section where you can find out weird and wonderful things, I felt it would be appropriate to put on some of my work on to my blog, so even more lovely people can enjoy my articles and random discussions.

First ISSUE: Halloween…

HOW 2… be a tarot card reader

It’s nearly Halloween so let’s get a little spooky. The ‘tarot’ is a pack of 78 cards with different pictures and symbols on them, originally dating back to the 15th century. The images on the cards represent virtues, vices, death and torture etc and mystics use these cards to read people’s futures.  Here’s a step by step guide on how you can become a card reader:
1. Pick a mystical outfit from the local fancydress shop and buy a pack of tarot cards
2.  Use a cloth or scarf to wrap your cards in to create a clean and pure environment
3. Sleep with your wrapped up cards for a week, keeping them next to your heart or under your pillow
4.  Do your first reading- get the person to ask a question to you, concentrate on it, shuffle the pack and then cut the deck. (As you cut the deck, make sure the person loudly repeats the question they want answered.)
5.  Deal the cards using a tarot spread of your choice- e,g, a diamond shape
6. Look at the pattern. Cards that are right side up are in a positive position for the reader. If they look upside down, it is reversed. Reversed cards indicate blocked energy or conflict
7. Begin to learn the card meanings as each picture represents something. The more confident you get, the more you should perform your powers.

There are hundreds of different types of decks, and you can even make up your own cards and symbols.  Tarot card reading and collecting is still very popular and is one way to connect with your inner powers. For more, complex ruling, why not buy a book on tarot cards and how to read them!

What to do…On Halloween

it’s that time of year when you need to dig out your craft knife and carve a pumpkin. Love it or hate it, Halloween is celebrated  all around the world and is seen as one of the best times of year. As students, Halloween is another excuse to dress up in fancy dress and to purposely look ugly on a night out.  Promo at 53 Degrees, always puts on a great night at the time of Halloween, so don’t forget your fake blood and plastic teeth.
If you fancy dancing the night away with zombies and scary creatures, then make sure you pre-drink and hold a Halloween themed party. Why not make a punch and put food colouring in it and place it in a massive cauldron. You could also decorate your house with pumpkins and fake spiders to scare your guests!
if partying’s not for you, ­why not go to the cinema and night and see Saw 3D. Gruesome than ever, the film will definitely make the cinema scream and get in to the Halloween spirit!
You could also organise to have a few friends out and just watch loads of scary films, grab some Halloween themed snacks and even put your tarot card reading to the test!
Halloween isn’t for everyone, but you might as well enjoy it. You don’t want to be stuck in your room on the scariest night of the year…

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