I literally can’t stop tweeting.
It’s taken me a while to really get in to the whole ‘tweeting’ shannigans, but I can finally say… I am really enjoying twitter.

The social networking website only gives you 140 characters to proclaim your love, hate, anger or general random thinking to your followers.

It’s no facebook, but then again, we used to all rave about myspace and now I would never think of logging in to my very cringeworthy myspace account with plenty of vain photos that would today make me shiver and CCCC_RINGE.

Being retweeted by Phillip Schofield today was probably my offical turning point about my opinion on twitter.  See, celebs do tweet back!

So, if you haven’t already got a twitter account, then why not treat yourself. It’s free, takes up seconds of your life and is always a good way to spy on the celebs. (Although, if you do get hooked to twitter, it’s more likely to take up hours and days as opposed to seconds!)

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2 thoughts on “TWIT TO WOO

  1. Agreed. Twitter is phenomenal – though be careful to manage your online footprint. Shameless plug alert: UClan Futures are running a mini-module about managing your online reputation (includes a Twitter workshop). Hopefully I’ll be able to spread the gospel of Twitter and common sense!


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