Life as we know it.

I’ve been thinking… isn’t life weird?

I  just find it strange how we are one person, we think, move, speak and control ourselves without even realising.
I was walking to the gym earlier and was on the phone and once the call had ended, I thought… ‘How did i just walk from A to B without thinking about it. I was distracted but still got to the gym.’

I think I’m just being far too philosophical, but Hey, we’re all allowed to be sometimes.
I studied Philosophy for A Level, and my perception on a lot of things changed. For one, my religious beliefs were kind of put on hold. I still see myself as a Catholic. I’ve been baptised, had a First Holy Communion, been Confirmed, attended a Catholic School my whole life, weekly visits to church until i was 16 and I do want to get married in a church, but I wouldn’t say in this stage of my life I’m a fully pledged holy moly.

Studying Philosophy was very insightful but ever so complex. One of my favourite idea’s which I think was quoted by Richard Swinburne, said; We might as well believe in God, because if he is true we will go to heaven and be forever happy, and if he isn’t true, we’re not missing out.
As you can tell he was a bit of an agnostic.

I do have a  lot of  time for religious people. My nan was one of the most holiest people I know. She wasn’t a bible basher or someone who walks through Oxford Street proclaiming the Lord’s word, but she was religious, attended church almost daily and was a great woman. She died last week. But I know that she lived a long life and faith was something she always had with her.

What I’m basically saying is that life is how we make it.
We can sit in our room’s day after day playing video games. We can be in a relationship with someone even though we know it’s never going to work. We can eat and drink ourselves silly.
But what we don’t have to be like that. We control what we do, and sometimes our mind makes huge decisions in life. Sometimes daring, sometimes precarious, sometimes naughtily. But if it makes you happy, Why not.
Learn from yesterday.
live for today.
Hope for tomorrow.
Life is what you make it guys.
Me.. I have a great family, super friends, a fantastic boyfriend and a bright future. Surely that’s a start, yer?

(Yes, I am the orange one in the middle, but it’s all natural. Brownie honour.)



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