Have you got X-Factoritis?

X FACTOR. X FACTOR. X FACTOR. X FACTOR. Where do we begin?

Love it or loathe it, you can’t get away from it.
Social networking sites, websites, text messages, billboards,  tv sets… yep you name it. It’s EVERYWHERE.

If you’re one of those X factor haters, (which to be honest, I don’t know anyone who absolutely detests the show) you’ve got to admit, it’s not as bad as I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of here or Big Brother.
It’s got a bit more class and a bit less tackiness, I feel.

The problem with X Factor  is that it’s hard not to get obsessed. It’s the talk of twitter and overtakes our television sets for 5 hours each weekend- as well as repeats.

We all sit nervously at the edge of our seats to see what Cheryl Cole decides to wear for the evening and we are excited for the judge’s banter.

I do feel sorry for people like Katie Waissel. Okay, she has come across very drama queenish, but at the end of the day she can sing, she’s pretty and I don’t understand why people are so nasty about her in the press.

It has been reported that despite the X Factor’s biggest efforts to cancel Katie’s record deal, a song she has duetted in has been released this week.  Crafty? Malicious? Coincidence?

Another thing I think many of us have in common with the X Factor is the fact that SECRETLY we want Wagner to win. Okay, he won’t. And yes, he doesn’t deserve it. But it would be funny. And, he’s not as annoying as Jedward- they were a bit of a ball ache at times, but they’ve done pretty well out of the x factor.

He isn’t a sex god, he can’t sing, but boy do we enjoy it when Wagner gets through every week… Cheryl’s reaction is priceless.
I do feel sorry for him that he gets booed every week.
It does make me laugh how him and Louis Walsh can’t get their head around the choice of song… You choose one, not two. Whatever floats their boat.
Louis also needs to learn how to pronounce his contestant’s name… VA-G-NA not with a W. get it right, yer!

Once X factor disappears again off our screens, a tiny part of us will be sad. Maybe it’s because we’ve found a reason to get excited about television programmes again, or maybe because the x factor is a great way to fob off any social plans and to chill at home in front of the good ole’ box.

I’m most looking forward to seeing who’s going to get #1 this year in the Uk’s top 40 charts. Last year, Joe McElderry was knocked off by Rage Against the Machine last year. Who know’s what will happen this year?

Rumoured runners fighting for Christmas No.1 this year are:

The Winner of X Factor (obviously guys)
Metallica-Enter Sandman or Pulp- Common People are already popular facebook groups
John Cage- 4-33 (this is literally a song that’s 4minutes and 33 seconds long of silence. By a composer! Creative…)
Harry Hill- ‘I want a baby’
Mariah Carey- ‘All i want for christmas’ (Brilliant song, but get some new material Carey!)

Time will tell….


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