KELE: One of the many God’s of music

I was lucky enough to be on the guestlist for the KELE gig in Manchester: The Ritz Club last week. It was amazing.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kele, he’s the lead singer from legendary band: Bloc Party. I absolutely love Bloc Party and even though I was pretty gutted when they announced they were going solo for a while/ for ever, I was very excited to hear of Kele’s new album.
I also have gained a (little) crush on Mr Okereke. What a smile!

Here’s my review for the gig. It’s also featured in PR1 magazine and on PR1’s website.

Best known as Bloc Party’s main man, Kele Okereke has gone solo, touring around the country following the release of his debut album ‘The Boxer.’ And yes, the album is a good’un. After last seeing Kele, he’s definitely had a few sessions at the gym, bulking right up and wearing one of his very fitted merchandise t-shirts.

First listening to the album, I thought it all sounded quite similar and very much like another Bloc Party album, but the intimate gig proved me wrong. Kele had constant energy singing the majority of his album with favourites, ‘Tenderoni’ and ‘Everything you wanted.’ We were also treated to three Bloc Party songs that got the crowd going wild including ‘One More Chance’ and ‘Hunting for witches.’
Kele has an infallible voice, hitting all kind of notes I didn’t think existed and has such a distinct, excitable sound you could never get bored of. With his sexy smile and great personality, Kele has definitely moulded to the solo career.
Whether you’re a Bloc Party super fan like me, or want an album that’s fearless, wild and has some great dance tunes, then ‘The Boxer’ might need to the be put on your Christmas list!

If you like the sound of Kele, then why not check him out on Youtube. He’s also currently touring the UK if you want to grab some tickets and watch him in a fantastic set.


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