New Year Resolutions… Contrived?

Every year we commit (or atleast for a while) to New Year resolutions. But are they really worth it and do we truely stick to them?

The stereotypical resolutions which I’m sure you can relate to are …
1.To lose weight- to pack in snacking, eating chocolate, crisps and biscuits at all times of the day
2. To go to the gym regularly and to create a really healthy lifestyle
3. To find the perfect man/woman
4. To quit something such as smoking, drinking too  much, casual sex…
5. Learn something new like a language or how to cook better
6. Write a diary
7. Help others more, maybe do some chairty work
8. Make more effort with those relatives we never talk to anymore

Let’s be honest. There’s no point writing down a resolution. If you want to do it, then you would have succeed way before now. But I guess there’s no hard seeing 2011 as a new start and to plan out your aims and objectives.

I can’t believe how many exercise videos are out at the moment. They always seem to show a terrible picture of the person (usually a wannabe celebrity such as Kerry Katona) in a bulging, fat state and then put an incredibly air brushed picture of the celeb closely next to it.
We’ve got to face it. If you want to lose weight it’s simple. Stop snacking,  eat smaller portions and exercise.

It’s all very well to set New Year resolutions, but they’re only truely real if you get to 31st December and can truthely say you’ve acheived them.

So mine for this year?
Quite simply really… Graduate from University and to find the perfect job.
Not asking for much am I!?


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