Gym Memberships: Worth the dosh or a load of tosh?

Bikini bod or couch potato?

So it’s been a while since my last blog due to work placements, enjoying my last few months at University and just generally making the most of everything, so I thought it was time to re kindle my blogging love.

Since I was 15, I’ve been a member of the gym. I originally joined to get myself fit for a mountain trek I was taking part in in Kenya. Since then I’ve always tried to keep up my fitness and work out regularly.

I was recently reading in a teen mag that there’s no point joining the gym at uni because you won’t get your money’s worth, but I personally think that’s a load of tosh.

Okay, so it is hard to pull yourself out of bed when you crawled in 4am that morning, but it can be done.

The UCLan gym is very small and that put me off going to the gym in first and second year. It was enivatable to bump into someone you knew and it would always be the day I looked like I’d been pulled through a few bushes.
For Preston students, you’re be happy to know the uni is awaiting the opening of the new sports centre with a brand spanking new gym with plenty of space and equipment. Shame I’m graduating in a few months…

My best advice for people trying to weigh up the idea of the gym is whether you actually enjoy it.
My friend Chloe and I enjoy going to the gym (most of the time.) We try to mix it up a bit. Sometimes we’ll go for a full on gym sesh, one day we might go for a swim and sauna and every now and again we’ll go to a exercise class. (Although just some advice… if you’re new to it all, make sure you check you’ve signed up to a beginners class as opposed to the expert class, we made that mistake and nearly died.)

My dad hates the gym, but pulls himself out of bed three times a week to keep fit. Good on him. The gym is great for losing weight or keeping fit, but you’ll only make the most of your membership if you do have a bit of a drive in it.

I’m not fat. But i’m not thin. I’m a normal 2o year old girl who is constantly looking at herself in the mirror and wishing her stomach was flat. My biggest problem is I LOVE FOOD. I don’t understand how some people don’t.
I’ve never got really fat but I do have my binge sessions, especially when I’m stressed or bored.

Over Christmas I have put on half a stone, HALF A STONE! It’s all those mince pies, christmas leftovers, selection box chocolates. Shit happens. But I will lose the weight and go back to normal (I hope.)

At university I walk everywhere. 15 minutes to uni, 20 minutes to town, 15 minutes to the gym- my house is positioned in a good area that forces me to walk everywhere and I quite like it- apart from when it’s pouring down with rain. Then I wish I lived in my lecture theatre.

You’ll find at uni that you’ll have many days where you’re not in lectures and may want to get out your flat/house and do something different- so why not join the gym?

GYM Newbie? Here’s some advice on joining the gym whilst at uni:

1. It’s okay to love food. Don’t stop eating, just start exercising a little.

2. Don’t think just because you’ve done an hour at the gym means you can order an extra large Dominoes. Big mistake.

3. Forget dieting. Just stop eating rubbish every day of the week. Keep your treats for the weekend.

4. If your a student who’s out a few times a week partying, clear spirits are the least calorific and opt for diet coke/lemonade.

5. If you can’t afford a gym membership, go running. Preston, for instance, has loads of parks and hilly areas where you can go for a jog.

6. Find a friend who wants to keep fit too. It’s much more fun exercising with someone else.

7. Don’t be a barbie doll who feels they have to put five coats of make up on before they hit the gym. You’re gonna sweat and get all red, deal with it.

8. Don’t buy £2 Primark pumps to exercise in, treat yourself to some proper trainers. I assure you, you’ll thank me.

9. If you’re hungry, chew gum or drink water rather than snacking. You’re not really peckish, your mind just thinks it.

10. And finally... Who cares what you weigh, it’s how you feel. I weigh myself every now and then but I work on the basis on how I feel when looking in the mirror. After all your friends are staring at you not your scales.

I’m off on holiday in a few weeks time and want to look extra good for the beaches in Dubai, so I need to keep exercising to tone up, feel good and lose my Christmas tyre.

So if you are a fitness fanatic or just want something else to do at Uni, why not join the gym. I still manage to work hard, play hard and get myself to the gym three or four times a week, even if it does mean dragging myself there. You feel better afterwards, I promise.


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