Blog’s your uncle is BACK and BETTER than ever…

So, i would like to apologise for… the fact that my blog has been inactive for the past few months, but boy has it been a busy 2011.

My blog is back and will updated reguarly with random thoughts, general chit chat and what I’ve been up to.

I have so much to tell you. If you’ve never been on my blog before, please come on more often and enjoy my rabbiting on. I think you will quite like it.

For new readers, I’ll quickly tell you who on earth is writing this blog.

I’m Katie, 21 and have just graduated from University of Central Lancashire with a 2:1 in BA(hons) Journalism. What an amazing three years!!!! You will definitely hear more about my student life on this blog.
I’m currently looking for a job in the Journalism or travel industry. I love travelling and would love to travel the world and get paid for it! I specialised in Broadcast Journalism at Uni so I’m very interested in the radio and tv sides of things.
Any suggestions on what I should do in life… or if you know of any job vacancies… let me know!

To be continued…


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