I have so much to share with you lovely people. This past few weeks have been absolutely hectic. I’ve turned 21, got a gorgeous puppy, I now have a car, I’ve jetted off to Lanzarote and Edinburgh as well as a winning two free tickets to the Isle of Wight Festival!
In the past few days I’ve just celebrated my graduation and now I’m definitely on a graduate downer.

But first things first. I suppose you want to know why I haven’t been blogging. My third and final year at Uni was such hard work. All my assignments seem to come all at once and I was so dedicated, I was even at Uni on the weekend! My course was good as we didn’t have to write a dissertation, but instead put together a portfolio which consisted of making our own radio and tv package as well as an online article. It sounds  A LOT easier than it was, but I was very proud with my outcome. I’ll be posting my work on my blog once I’ve figured out how to get it off my dvd. Any technicians out there!?

On 6th May, Uni was all over and I was ‘free.’ The feeling was a mixture and relief and nerves as I had no idea what the next few months would bring. If only I could tell myself at the time, that the feeling would not change two months on.

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed my last couple of weeks up in Preston and of course I made the most of it!

So, I now am the proud honour of a toy poodle. Well, It’s obviously shared by the family but he is a stunner. His name’s Charlie and he’s about 14 weeks old now. We got to visit him and his brother’s when he was first born and I couldn’t believe the amazing sight.
(n.b. The only pets I have had in the past are fish. Goldfish. I somehow managed to have one that got a brain tumour and the other one was replaced three times- I only found this out on my 18th birthday! R.I.P Gin and Tonic.)

I was at Uni when mum and dad had the exciting chance to choose the puppy (out of three) when they were all big enough. Charlie definitely stood out to them and we took him back to our house at 8 weeks. We’ve always wanted a dog, but we wanted to wait till the time was right and when there would be someone at home as my mum and dad have always worked full time and I’ve always been at school/uni.

He is a great dog and still very small. He slept a lot when we first got him but now he’s as crazy as ever.


<<< When we first got Charlie home (7 weeks)

“OMG my dog looks camp.”

Yes you did read right. Charlie is a toy poodle. But this type of dog is not meant to look like your typical poodle. They are less fragile and very cuddly and look like teddy bears. Charlie was gorgeous until… we visited the vets. This was a very sad day.


So as novice dog owners we were doing everything by the dog manual we had bought.  After about 12 weeks it’s time for a puppy to have their first haircut, a joyous occasion, the book described it as.
Hmmm, I probably wouldn’t describe it quite like that. So basically… Dad and I took Charlie to the local dog groomers. She was in love with Charlie as soon as she spotted eyes on him and assured us everything would be fine and to come back in an hour. We said several times we did not want the traditional poodle cut and simply wanted an all over body trim. She nodded and scooped the cuddly lump up.
So an hour later we headed back up to collect Charlie but the sight we saw was not how we imagined. In fact, dad noticed a small poodle through the window and I assured him this couldn’t possibly be Charlie. But yes, the camp looking dog through the window was my puppy.
She had cut him like a poodle! All the hair from around his face had GONE. His curls had turned in to a massive frizz ball and don’t get me started on the feet. It looked like he was wearing heels.
Yep. Our dog was ugly. And we were quite speechless. It took me a few days before my mum or I could take Charlie on a walk. Mean? Maybe, but if you had seen him, you wouldn’t want to be seen with the pup.
Luckily that was a couple of weeks ago and his puppy character shown through and he’s back to normal (almost.) Our friend who we got Charlie off gave him a nice trim (not like a poodle) and he now looks a very smart, normal toy poodle.

BEFORE:  (taken 10 minutes before THE CHOP)


AFTER: See what i mean now!

Not to self: Don’t go back to the groomer and make sure they are listening to you properly with eye contact before they start marking kissing noises whilst in a stare at your innocent pup!

Next on the agenda… Isle of Wight Fest. How on earth did I get free tickets….


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