Day 1 of Lent… WEDNESDAY
It was so hard and it’s only been 24 hours!  I remember when we were at School, this was Ash Wednesday, the day we were smeared with black dirt on our foreheads and shouted at if we even thought about wiping it off. What rebels us Catholic girls were…

Everyone seems to have very little faith in me and think I’m going to fail but not this girl! That gives me even more drive to stick to my Lent promises. My biggest problem is that I’ve eaten so much food in the last few months but my stomach doesn’t seem to know what’s hit it.

Today’s menu wasn’t too bad…
Breakfast: Small bowl of Blueberry Shredded Wheat
Snacks: Banana, Apple, Grapes
Lunch: Pate on toast

So by about 6pm, my stomach was growling at me and I felt really miserable because my stomach wasn’t happy so the feeling reciprocated! I was really looking forward to this new prawn pasta dish my dad was trying out for the first time. One word: DISGUSTING.
It wasn’t dads fault because he was just following a recipe, but for some reason, one of the main ingredients was lemon zest and a lot of it. So I had the worst after taste ever and as you can imagine, I picked out the prawns and tried to wipe the revolting sauce of the pasta. What a fail.
So all in all, I went to bed a hungry pup. Bring on day 2…


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