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Just to say.. my webcam definitely does me no favours! My first video for Blog’s your uncle makes me look very goofy. Deary me. Maybe I’ll stick to radio.


I’m back on full steam on the twitter scene. Add me and we can tweet up @KatieDoyle_

It’s a new year and my resolution list became very long. I managed to cut them down to my top 3:

1. Read at least one book a month (FAILED)

2. Go to the gym atleast three times a week (FAILED)

3.  Look for jobs (TBC)

As you can see it hasnt been the most successful of January’s. Number one is totally my fault. I really thought I’d enjoy snuggling in to bed half an hour before sleep time to read a lovely novel, but it seems I would rather lounge on the couch and catch up on the latest telly or I’m socialising. When i’m on holiday I read loads, but I cant seem to get in to the right mind set when I’m at home. I have managed to read 90 pages of Dawn French’s first novel which I am enjoying but I cant seem to get in the right mindset to chill out and delve in to the creative mind set!

The gym resolution is half not my fault. Well it is, because I broke my own ankle but I didn’t plan for this to actually happen. I was doing quite well until I sprained my ankle back in January (after jumping of a stage in 6 inch heels…). After two weeks out of action I had two gym sessions before I then slipped in the snow a few weeks ago resulting in a broken ankle 😦 So It’s still going to be a fair few week’s before I’m back working up a sweat in the gym vicinity.

And the final one… I’m always on the look out but it is hard when already working full time. I am currently on this pointer whilst housebound! So fingers crossed something good comes up soon…

But moving on from that, you just wait and see my Lent list. (Just to clarify, I do have a little bit of a OCD on lists. I like to keep organised, but more to the point, I don’t have the greatest memory so writing down things definitely helps!


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