Festival frolics…

It’s that time of year again where I have to make the crucial and life changing decision of what festival to land myself in over the summer. Over the past four years I have made sure it has been a yearly event in my life. For any of you who have been to a festival before, you know they are quite simply AMAZING and just as good as a holiday.

This year was definitely a hard choice. All my friends decided months ago we would go to V Fest this year as it’s nearby (Chelmsford) and would be a great thing for us all to do. The line up was released last night and definitely had mixed reviews. I don’t think the headliners are the best… I was expecting Coldplay atleast, but I think the rest of the names are pretty great. I’m extrmely excited about David Guetta because I haven’t been lucky enough to see him yet. (He was at T in the Park the year I was there but they closed the tent because it was far too crowded so I didn’t even get a glimpse! )

If you haven’t seen the 2012 lineup yet, here it is…

I can’t say I’m really looking forward to the headliners on Saturday night so I’m hoping Nicky Minaj and David Guetta will headline on one of the other stages. If I wasn’t going to V Fest (or had loads of money to spend) I would definitely make my way to Kinross for T in the Park and maybe travel over to Belgium for Tomorrowland.
Do you know what will be make me even happier?  If Florence and the Machine, Swedish House Mafia, Two Door Cinema Club and Chase & Status all decide to swing by the fields of Chelmsford and perform. Pretty pleaseeeeeeeeee 🙂 Let’s wait and see/pray!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you my festival frolics over the years in pictures.

My first ever festival with my friend David. The one where Amy Winehouse hit someone in the crowd, I squeezed Mark Ronson’s bum and stood at the front of the main stage for 8hrs straight desperate for a wee.

Best atmosphere ever! The one where we got so drunk we totally missed half the acts we had been waiting to see all day… Good times!

I hadn’t really heard much about this festival until that year. Amazing line up.  The one where we saw a drunkard roll around getting covered in mud and then got arrested. HA.

Isle of Wight Festival 2011-
The one where I won two free tickets with Sky Arts on Twitter! I never win anything! And it was great timing because I’d decided I couldn’t afford any festivals in 2011 but then fell in to luck by winning tickets. Only bad thing about this festival was that it rained so much on the Sunday and our tent got trashed/flood resulting in my best friend Chloe wrapping herself in a bin bag to keep warm over night! The day before was the complete opposite and we were tanning on our camping chairs. So much so, that I had a hand print mark embedded on my leg for weeks after… (Someone was going round doing handprints on people’, but I managed to get a tan round mine leaving a rather obvious mark!)

Surfer and Skater festival in Newquay- The one where my best friend bought me tickets for my 21st and we inhaled alcohol oxygen. What a babe. I went from going to no festivals in 2011 to two!

It’s made me so excited for this year after looking through all those photos! I’m going with a great group of people and it’s going to be amazing! BRING ON THE SUMMER! But for any of you who want to treat me to something nice, feel free to buy me tickets to any of the other great festivals this year!

In the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about the best festival tips, so watch this space…….

 P.s. Only just reading Blog’s your Uncle for the first time? Why not flick for my other articles or pages 🙂 




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