I’ve left space…


Ahoy there. So I haven’t blogged for a few days so thought I’d write some random bits and pieces that have been happening in the last few weeks…

If you read my blog entry a few weeks ago about Lent, then Yes I am still sticking to it! After struggling for the first couple of days, I have slowly adapted to NO nice food. The hardest part of the whole thing is that my body is now used to the healthy food I’m eating and after losing five pounds I’ve stopped shedding the weight because unfortunately…

The twat broke her ankle- hi that’s me. So I’ve not been able to exercise in the gym. Won’t be getting the bikini bod i desired for three weeks and a bit till I jet off to Dubai for a week! Yer baby!

After spraining my ankle whilst slightly intoxicated and jumping off a platform in a club (yes I thought I had wings), I really weakened my foot and a few weeks later when we had the heavy snow fall I managed to slip over (this time sober) and chiped a bone in my ankle resulting in this…


To this… a very attractive boot… (Oh and Charlie my dog)


Almost 6 weeks later and I’m just about back to normal. My foot is achey at times and it’s going to be a long while until I wear heels 😦 but I did manage to put on a normal shoe today which was a massive ahievement after only being able to wear one for weeks!

Best thing about having a broken ankle… You don’t have to do a lot

Worse things… (there’s plenty)…

– When in a cast it’s such itchy to the extent you shove a pen down the side of the plaster. Problem with me was that I accidently left the pen on and when the doctor cut off my cast there were scribble marks all over my leg. He wasn’t impressed.

– You can’t walk on it for days. I managed to pull a muscle in both arms when using crutches for the first time until I googled how to use them properly.

– It’s always fun to lounge around doing nothing but four weeks later it gets a little tedious

– Oh, and you look like a complete nob when leaving the house in a space boot, especially on a night out when it doesn’t quite match your outfit.


SO all in all my advice is TAKE CARE, DONT wear heels if it’s forecasted to snow and ACCESSORISE that moon boot. God it’s ugly.


That’s pretty much been my life for the last few weeks. I’m back to work now earning the pennies and hopefully I’ll be driving again very shortly. In the last month, I’ve had to say bye to three friends who have all separately gone off around the world travelling. Lucky things.

BRING ON DUBAI. I’m getting pasty.


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