Low calorie Cake bake

So Is it possible? Do cakes taste as good once the yummiest high calorie ingredients are scrapped and replaced with a ‘lighter’ healthier option? Well I tried a bit of an experiment today although it didn’t go too well to plan…


I love baking. I’m not the world’s number one (although I like to think so once the apron’s on.) I’m also known to make a lot of mess. Flour up the walls, in the drawers, on the dog…

My best baking success is the carrot cake. I actually got the recipe from my children’s cookbook ( that was my mum’s subtle way on presenting me with a recipe book for idiots.)
The recipe has the perfect combination of moisture, sweetness and carroty goodness. If I give you the recipe, we couldn’t be friends as it’s my way to impress new people.
BUT, let’s just say it is high in sugar and fat, mainly because it is caster sugar and the tasty topping is made with mascarpone cheese.

So I wanted to experiment. I try to stay away from naughty temptations such as cake so I thought I’d try a lower calorie alternative to my usual calorific carrot cake.
Good ole Delia Smith helped me out here. This URL links you to her page where she gives her low calorie recipe.

Overall, the cake was just as nice as my original. The differences…
– My cake uses caster sugar whereas DS uses dark brown soft sugar instead for our sugary needs.

– I tend to use raisins, wheres as the low fat recipe uses sultanas.
(N.B, What’s the difference? Well raisins are made from dark grapes, sultanas are made from green grapes. A sultana tends to be a lot sweeter, more moist and less acidic so I guess that’s why Delia pops them in.)

– Delia throws in Orange zest and also drizzles homemade syrup on the cake as soon as it’s out the oven which gives it great moisture

– The biggest difference is the cheese. For the topping you need soft cheese mixed with various other ingredients. I usually choose mascarpone or Philidelphia, but generally any soft cheese really. The low fat option was QUARK. I don’t really know too much about this ingredient but it has very little fat in it compared to my cheesy favourites.

So, what cake won the bake battle? Well the only problem I had was that I actually forgot to put the dark soft sugar in and instead whacked in the caster sugar before I realised. So the only real difference was the cheese. And, I must say the Quark did me no favours. I found it quite sour and even though it’s mixed with cinnamon, caster sugar and vanilla extract, the taste was too strong for me and ruined the cake a little. My dad however actually quite liked it but did still agree my original was better.

THE ORIGINAL PICTURE (Ignore the fairy cakes, it was my dad’s birthday.)


The sloppy NEW Picture…(half eaten)



So to conclude… WHO CARES ABOUT CALORIES. A Cake is full of them whether you use brown, white or even green sugar!
I will be experimenting in the next few weeks with a low fat Victoria sponge just in case I’m taken by surprise. But if you would my ultra easy but amazingly tasty Carrot cake recipe, you’ll have to contact me for that!


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