Patriotic times.

I’m really disappointed in my lack of blogging in the past couple of months. Sorry. It’s a bit of a challenge when you’re working so much, but I thought whilst I’ve got a day off, I’d take the opportunity to Blog one out.

I am absolutely loving the high spirits our country is in at the moment. Despite the fact we have no money, no jobs and no water.(Although the latter one may have been resolved by the large amounts of rain we were recently exposed to!)
It doesn’t look like we’re winning too many medals at LONDON 2012, but hopefully Team GB will get themselves sorted out and go for Gold. I am very excited to be visiting the Olympic Park this week to watch China v Netherlands Woman’s hockey. I haven’t quite decided whom to support, but I will of course be donning my Team GB tshirt.

I even went out today in order to ‘pimp’ up my car….

I’m just hoping they won’t get nicked when I’m out! I’ve had to stick them on with double sided stickers as they definitely are not designed for my wing mirrors! They were only £4 from Sainsbury’s and I will be looking extremely cool whilst cruising around Bishop’s Stortford, that’s for sure!

Another reason why the Olympics is so great is because it gives us the opportunity to watch sports we would never usually make time for. I was learning the techniques of handball and table tennis earlier, whilst watching it on telly. It’s also a great excuse to enjoy the ‘talent’ of certain sports, such as Men’s beach volleyball and swimming. Whoever decided for the athletes to wear such little undies, needs to be knighted!

There’s a lot of controversy about all the empty seats floating about at the sporting events, especially with so many people unlucky to receive any tickets. One of the main reasons for the emptiness is because those areas are cornered off for trainers, families and friends etc or for the simple fact people haven’t turned up. I think they should of had a better system for empty seats, whereby they were able to reallocate on the day of the event seats that were not claimed. That way they still make money but make people happy too.

The London 2012 website had said they were to release more tickets this week to try and solve some of the mystery empty spots, but whether or not people were willing to pay some of the prices for them is another question. When looking earlier, I found swimming tickets for this week going for a steep £300, and they weren’t even the best seats! I’d want a three course meal and a foot rest for that!

Either way, I’m very much looking forward to my Olympic experience on Thursday and will be waving my GB flag with pride.


Blog ya later.


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