My name is Katie Doyle and I graduated at University in the Summer of 2011. I studied BA(hons) Journalism at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston, where I graduated with 2:1 degree.

I took the Broadcast Journalism route in my degree, studying both radio and television Journalism. I am highly skilled in an array of areas from presenting, interviewing, editing and producing. 

Whilst at University, I was very involved with the student media within UCLan. Throughout the three years I contributed to the student newspaper; Pluto, writing various articles. My favourite being the one where I interviewed the male stars from Hollyoaks back in 2009 at a Charity football match.

I was also a section editor for PR1 magazine, where i compiled, created and wrote my section each edition, to make it appealing to students, with lots of fun and interesting pieces.

Finally, I had a radio show, along with two of my peers, where we presented a two hour, weekly radio show; ;Get Your Tunes Out’, which was a very upbeat and bubbly show.

In first year, I was nominated for six student media awards, and last year was nominated for two, including ‘team of the year’ for our radio show. I won an award for my participation in my section of the magazine ‘The List.’

I have undertaken work placements, long and short and was very lucky to be the first student from my University to receive a Sky placement in London where I worked in January with the Sky Showbiz (now Sky Living team.) I was also very grateful to receive a week’s placement with NME magazine but sadly had to cancel at last minute due to a family bereavement. 

I’m determined and motivated and would love to be involved with the booming broadcast industry. With my hard working attitude and bubbly personality, I hope to work for the country’s finest television channels very soon!

I’m currently working full time in Sainsbury’s in the cash office and as a counter assistant. This is a very beneficial job where I have learnt many skills, but I hope to soon move on and pursue my career in the media. The job market is tough, but I am very hard working and am open to anything media or travel related.

Please feel free to email katiedoyle04@gmail.com for any more information.


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